Web Application Development Course
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Course Detail:-

Duration :- 6 Months (25 classes + 1 introductory session) 

  1. What will you achieve during this course?

    1. Concept of Web Development :- You will be able to understand what actually is “Web Application Development”. No, it is not the pages that you see on the site. Web has now become a platform running complex applications. Learn how to conceptualize, design and develop applications on Web.

    2. PHP :- You will learn about very base of PHP language and how it works.

    3. HTML5 :- Yes, HTML does have versions if you don’t already knew. And here, you will learn to work around HTML5!

    4. MySQL :- We all designed a 2-3 web pages in our school time (well I did), but hey, what is the use of Database? Well, you will learn MySQL from scratch to catch!

    5. Responsive Pages :- Yes, we will give you a base working knowledge of designing Responsive Pages

    6. Working knowledge of other co-technologies like AJAX, JQuery, CSS and many more tools, technologies, frameworks like MVC and even Management System such as CMS!

    7. Project :- You will work on upto 2 mini projects and one medium size project during course time line.


  1. Who should attend?

    1. Anyone who has a basic idea of OOPS and has ever laid his hand on any sort of coding language like C, C++, Python etc.

    2. College students pursuing degree in CSE or IT or ECE can also take this internship course.


  1. Designed For

    1. This training course is designed for those who want to learn developing applications - design, program.

    2. Those who want to work on enterprise projects!

    3. Those who want to experience working along with a team

    4. Those who are young in industry or will pursue their career in this industry in future and want to feel the pressure and dynamics of this industry.


  1. Our goal

    1. We want that by the end  of course a trainee should be able to have a professional knowledge developing a web application in PHP along with HTML5, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX and CSS.

    2. A trainee shall acquire working knowledge of MySQL, JQuery, AJAX and CSS and can design a responsive page.

    3. A trainee shall be able to set up a server to host web application.

    4. A trainee shall know how to divide work-load in team and how to work in industry professionally.

    5. A trainee shall have basic idea of CMS and MVC.

    6. A trainee shall find himself/herself eligible for future training courses of above mentioned technologies, frameworks and Management Systems.

    7. A trainee shall be able to have a professional experience of working in a project.


  1. Why this course?

    1. Focus on individuals :- We will only take 8 candidates upon first come first serve basis.

    2. Training Environment :- Candidates will be trained in office suite situated in Advant Navis Business Center and not in class. You can explore the address below and find out how this office is not “just any office”.

    3. Training Course Design :- This training course is designed to make candidates experience a professional office environment and learn what to expect when they actually work with corporations.

    4. Experience :- Candidates will have an experience of working on industrial project along with team of experts.

    5. Trainer :- Scroll down to know!


  1. Who will be trainer?

    1. After intense discussion, the team of Civil Machines Technologies Pvt. Ltd. agreed to train 8 candidates only. This team is same who designed the very revolutionary platform “Event Haat” and have experience of working in this industry for more than 3 years and have designed more than 12 projects which include Real Estate projects, NEWS projects. Their last 2 project was bestbhk.com and eventhaat.com(current).


  1. Course Timeline with Financial details:-

    1. Registration Cost - ₹5000

      1. ₹2000/Security Deposit - This money will be returned to you whenever you decide to leave course considering that you have cleared your debt.

      2. ₹3000/Course Fees - A portion of this money will be returned to you on the basis of your contribution and performance in projects. Further more, gift prizes will also be awarded to top candidate.

    2. Monthly Cost - ₹2500

      1. At the start of every month you will need to pay ₹2500 that covers four Saturday or Sunday (4 days in a month) of training session. Each day will be of 4 hours.

For more info please contact :-

Himanshu Shankar

+91-8800610543 (Mon-Fri 12:50 PM - 1:50 PM and Sat-Sun 9 AM - 6 PM)

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Event Location & Date

Sector 142
B-816, Tower B, Advant Navis Business Park, Noida Expressway,Noida, Uttar Pradesh
201301, India
15-09-2015 11:00 am - 27-09-2015 4:00 pm